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Ask Metropolitan Movers East York to Relocate Pool Tables


Metropolitan Movers East York offers a full spectrum of moving services, including pool table relocation. We move pool tables on behalf of residential customers, for example. We’ll also transport multiple pool tables at the request of commercial enterprises. Count on our experienced team of movers to help you by conveying these bulky items to (or from) an East York address.

Pool Tables Require Careful Handling


Most owners lack the specialized resources required to transport pool tables safely. Just like pianos, these items often prove challenging to move up or down staircases. An assembled table may not fit through a standard doorway easily. These bulky goods require the use of padding and blankets to safeguard delicate tabletops from accidental damage during transit.

At Metropolitan Movers East York, we appreciate the vital importance of protecting items entrusted to our care. We take every precaution to help ensure pool tables arrive at their destinations in excellent condition. Whether we move one or fifty pool tables, we always exercise attention and care.

Call Upon an Experienced Pool Table Moving Team


If you’ve invested in a pool table, doesn’t it make sense to ask only experienced, dependable movers to transport this item? Our energetic team at Metropolitan Movers East York has developed expertise relocating pool tables for customers. We know how to load, convey, and unload this type of specialized entertainment product. Ask us to move a pool table down the street or across Canada.

Customers gain peace of mind knowing we draw upon our extensive background moving pool tables whenever we undertake this type of project. Our successful record inspires confidence. We prioritize safety highly during a pool table relocation. We’ll do everything possible to ensure your item reaches its destination in good condition.

Use Our Pool Table Moving Service


You don’t even need to relocate in order to use our pool table moving service (LOL!). For example, perhaps your company has installed a pool table in an employee break room and you need to move it to a larger area on another floor of your building? Many businesses hesitate to ask their employees to transport these heavy items. Call upon us to perform this task for you instead. We charge reasonable rates, and we’ve already invested in the tools required to perform this project efficiently and safely.

We routinely assist restaurants, bars, and clubs by moving pool tables. Ask us to help transport new inventory into a showroom. Or request our assistance carrying damaged pool tables to a repair shop. Residential and business customers throughout East York rely on us to help move these specialized gaming items carefully. We undertake every assignment with diligence.

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Do you anticipate requiring assistance moving a pool table soon? Go ahead and reserve our services now. You won’t regret your decision to entrust Metropolitan Movers East York with this project!



Client: This is Spencer Tapley here. I am here with Ali from Metropolitan Movers and I wanna say–What an awesome job that Ali and Alex and Andrew did for me, packing and moving yesterday and today. And, Lorena and the office is magnificent. If you guys need to move, you need to call Metropolitan Movers. Great rates, great deals, great people. Thank you