“I decided to have my mom come live with me after my dad passed on. So we decided to move her things to my place. I was a bit worried about this move since its been difficult for her. Good thing everything was professionally handled by Metropolitan Movers!”

“Thank you for a great service Metropolitan Movers!!!”

“Excellent moving service and customer service. Move was done very well however, one of my boxes was misplaced, but after notifying them, they made sure it was located. After the delivery they called me to see if everything was in order. Thank you, still a 5-star move.”

Metropolitan Movers Port Moody

Unreliable services in the moving industry have always served to derail many businesses from progress. If a business needs to relocate to a different premise, it is important that the process is done quick enough so as the customers can make a follow up. Technicalities in movement of goods and properties have always derailed business owners and the residents of Port Moody. To solve this issue a key industry player in the moving industry established its branch in Port Moody. Through the years this branch has outgrown any moving company in Port Moody to stand out as the most sought after moving service provider in Port Moody. Today, we are proud to say we are that branch and we are here to help you.

Why We Are the Best

Well, they say becoming the best is easier than remaining the best. That is true and we understand that for us to remain the most reliable moving service providers we have to keep improving our services. Our dedication to work and our desire to be the best is always pushing us to work harder so that our customers are satisfied. We have kept our customers the number one priority. The moment we receive your call we immediately start processing your needs. We will give you a quotation in just one business day. The good news is that you never have to worry about our service charges. The fact that we are the best does not mean we are the most expensive; on the contrary we still remain one of the most affordable moving companies in the whole of Port Moody.


- Reputable and reliable services

- The best and most affordable service rates

- Safe transportation and minimal damage to properties

- Quick response

- No loss of properties

If you wish to be part of our large Port Moody customer base, you can call our offices for more details. We are always willing to listen to our customers and understand their needs. No situation is too big for us. We handle moving for most of the large companies in Port Moody and you can just be one of them.

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